September 16, 2020
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December 15, 2020


  1. Background/Context

The Alliance is an umbrella membership organization for NGO’s in the protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources in Kenya incorporated under the Companies Act of the Laws of Kenya.

Through a grant from USAID East Africa/Department of Interior (DOI), the Alliance plans to develop the five-year strategic plan 2021-2025, to reconfirm its long-term vision, and to set its direction and a work plan for the implementation of its mandate over the next five years.

  • Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to support and lead the Alliance members, partners, Board and secretariate in a grounded, consultative and participatory planning process. The substantive outcome is a five-year strategic plan for the period 2021-2025 in line with the Alliance mandate. The Consultant should also provide a communication and monitoring plan.

  • Strategic development process

As a membership-based Alliance, members are at the centre of this strategic planning effort, helping to assess ways in which to strengthen the impact of the Alliance, providing direct input into consultations and reaching out to key trusted partners for external input. The Secretariat to provide administrative and logistical support under the oversight of the Board.

The role of the Consultant is to assist in developing and implementing a strategic methodology, ensuring all along that the process is highly participatory to ensure Alliance members sense of ownership, engaging meaningfully with the partners, Board and Secretariat.

  • Scope of Work

The Consultant shall work with the CEO, lead and guide the process of developing the five-year strategic plan on protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources.

The plan must address, among other things, the situation of conservation of the environment and natural resources that shall ultimately influence the final deliverables, both internal and external capacities. The Consultant shall draw from any best practices within similar strategic plans for membership organizations.

Elements of the plan will include but not limited to:

  1. A review of existing articles and memorandum of association, conservation policy frameworks, laws, approaches, national plans and other relevant documents
  2. Develop a sound methodology for the strategic plan for how the Alliance can most effectively meet its objectives
  3. Collection of additional data
  4. Needs assessment of the Alliance
  5. Stakeholder mapping and consultations
  6. Situation analysis, including the identification of constraints and opportunities
  7. Developing plans and strategies with clear deliverables, indicators and tools that address the constraints and create the needed support systems and incentives
  8. Development of a vision and mission statement
  9. Define the Alliance’s value proposition & core purpose
  10. Development, validation, finalization and costing of the strategic plan 2021-2025 including a log frame and detailed implementation for 2021-2022 and general activities for2023-2024
  11. Monitoring and evaluation strategy and communication plan for raising awareness amongst the targeted audience
  12. Support the implementation of the strategic plan at least six (6) months after the launch of the plan
  13. lead in drafting the content of the alliance strategic plan, while the Alliance will seek input and support from stakeholders
  14. the Consultant will collect, evaluate and lead in the presentation and validation process. Some of these elements may be included in the final document, as an appendix, or cited as separate literature.
  • Specific tasks

The Consultant will:

  1. Carry out a desk review of documents relevant to an understanding of the mandate, legal frame, work and context of the Alliance, including the NGO’s Conference report 2016 and Alliances Articles and Memorandum of Understanding
    1. Review existing the national strategies/actions, laws and policies on environment and natural resources and include these when developing strategic actions.
    1. Hold discussions with the members, steering committee and Board to build a common approach to the assignment
    1. Conduct needs assessment of the Alliance, which shall include a review of the existing structure, financial strategy and sustainability, membership fees and engagement with a view for future expansion be components of the final strategy.
    1. Develop a comprehensive methodology and work plan for a participatory process with a view of achieving support and concrete co-operation and programing with members and partners.
    1. Hold consultations and facilitate interviews with relevant stakeholders including but not limited to UN Environment, Donor and development partners, private sector and civil society and NGO’s
    1. Develop an advanced draft strategic plan for discussion with staff/members and the methodology for a national consultation process with stakeholders.
    1. Together with the steering committee lead a through a programme of national consultations to receive feedback on the draft strategic plan
    1. Finalize the strategic plan, including the log frame and detailed implementation plan for 2021-2022 and provide general activities for 2023-2024. The plan should include jointly developed vision and mission statements, priority programmes and strategies, baselines and targets, timelines and resource allocations and a monitoring plan and communication plan.
    1. Include a plan to align actions with existing relevant sectors strategies
    1. Adopt best practices for membership organizations from other similar organizations – internationally and within Africa – working in the environment and natural resources sector.
  2. Deliverable outputs

Based on the above, the Consultant shall prepare and complete the five-year strategic plan. These shall entail, among other things the following

  1. Further, identify and clarify the Alliance mandates and vision
  2. The Consultant shall, at the onset of the planning process, identify all stakeholders having a direct and indirect interest in the strategic plan. Listing people, groups and institutions that influence the work of the Alliance. All stakeholders allowed to make inputs into the Strategic plan and promote ownership of the strategic plan
  3. Development and clarification of mission and values, and members role, fees and responsibilities
  4. External environment assessment
  5. Internal environment assessment of the stakeholders/SWOT analysis
  6. Mapping and analyze communication approaches
  7. Analyze the target audiences and how to reach them
  8. Establish specific objectives for the communication strategy
  9. Produce a five-year strategy to deliver with clear deliverables, milestones, media to be used and responsibility
  10. Establish and implement tools for evaluation of the communication strategy
  11. Present the draft strategic plan to stakeholders to validate
  • Commitment to Quality Work

The Consultant shall use an evidence-based approach and ensure the highest standards of work and timely deliverables at every stage of this assignment. The Consultant shall ensure clarity of objectives, and process during the consultations, counter check all facts ad figures cited, ensure that the content and format of the draft strategic plan meets the high standard for such documents and ensure proper editing and clarity.

  • Method

The Consultant shall obtain disaggregated data, review relevant literature, interviews and undertake field visits in selected areas

  • Qualifications/Competencies/experience

The Alliance is seeking the services of a professional or a consultancy firm to develop a five-year strategic plan. The firm/individual must possess the following:

  1. Relevant work experience in strategic planning and development
  2. Excellent and proven analytical skills
  3. Relevant experience in related or similar assignments
  4. Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to prioritize and work with minimum supervision
  5. Possess knowledge in the general social, economic and political environment that influences the conservation of natural resources
  6. Understanding of the participatory approach, international law governing the conservation of the environment and natural resources and policy development on conservation issues

Other consideration

  • The Consultant is permitted to form a team for the delivery of the objectives of the consultancy
  • Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their bids alongside with their CV’s and a detailed proposal indicating their work schedule from the commencement to the end of the consultancy. 
  1. Duration

The consultancy shall be for a period not more than six (6) months, with effect from November 9th, 2020

  1. Remuneration and Method of payment (to be negotiated)
  2. The consultancy costs should not exceed Ksh 1 million including Consultant’s costs (travel and meetings)
  3. The Consultant shall receive 30% of the final cost after delivery and acceptance of the work plan. 40% of the final cost after the delivery and acceptance of a satisfactorily report based on the terms of reference. And 40% of the final cost after meeting all deliverables outputs.
  4. The assignment is expected to be carried within six (6) months from commencement of the consultancy including a validation workshop
  5. The payment shall be by cheque
  6. Penalty

The Consultant is subject to a fifteen per cent (15%) reduction of the total agreed consultancy cost once

  • The report is submitted two weeks after the agreed timelines (without just and reasonable mutually agreed explanation) and
  • Non-delivery of the tasks shall lead to withholding of the final payment 40% until receipt and approval of all deliverable’s outputs.

Submit your proposal to recruitment@conservationalliance.or.ke by 5th November 2020.