May 14, 2020
Single Use plastics in Protected Areas Draft Action Plan
May 22, 2020

CAK brief: Nairobi National Park Draft Management Plan 2020-2030

The Nairobi National park is the oldest park in Kenya. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) developed and circulated a draft management plan for the Nairobi National Park Management Plan 2020-2030 on April 5, 2020 seeking comments and views from stakeholders. 

CAK convened a members meeting which resolved to request for a temporary suspension of public participation till when such gatherings are allowed to take place following the response to the covid-19 crisis. Further we requested access to the KWS Strategic Plan 2019-2024, KWS Protected Areas Planning Framework (PAPF) and  Nairobi National Park (NNP) Master Plan which were mentioned in the draft plan but not circulated to stakeholders. 

Najib Balala, the Cabinet Secretary (CS), Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife (MoTW) in response to requests by stakeholders instructed KWS to extend the process to the end of June 2020. Following this directive CAK convened seven online meetings via zoom to review the draft management plan and enhance public awareness and understanding of the importance of the NNP primarily for ecosystem protection and recreation. The meetings have produced three separate processes to increase stakeholder participation and hopefully improve the draft plan.

CAK through the engagement framework with the government will hold a joint review meeting with KWS via zoom on June 5, 2020 to review and provide input to the draft plan. The weekly meetings on zoom every Thursday at 2 pm will continue with teams working on specific issues in the draft. We have established a legal and ecology working group to review a draft on future public participation process for protected areas management plans. 

The PAPF has not been gazetted and requires further reviews following the miscellaneous amendments to the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act in 2019. The ecological group will work on the ecological programme in the draft. The third process is the adoption of the Open Space Technology (OST) that supports and inspires creative solutions, improves communication and enhances collaboration. KWS have been invited to the planning committee and the sessions scheduled for June 12, 13 and 14. 

CAK are collaborating with Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) and Narutonoi Conservancy to map the dispersal area to assess its viability as a critical migratory corridor of concern. This process has received support from the department of resource surveys and remote sensing (DRSRS) who have recent data on the dispersal area.

CAK received comments from various stakeholders, with majority expressing that NNP management objective be protected for ecosystem and recreation as categorized by the IUCN, the ecosystem is too fragile to handle more developments, recover the dispersal area and work in collaboration with Naretinoi Conservancy and focus on improve the habitat and species conservation. The deadline to submit the report to KWS is June 22, 2020

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Steve Itela
CEO, Conservation Alliance of KenyaThe CAK is an umbrella body with a membership of over 50 conservation NGOs collectively working to advance the protection and management of biodiversity in Kenya. By putting their expertise into resolving matters to do with land use, national wildlife security, promoting strategic conservation with wise development and representing the country at conventions the Alliance aims to collectively be at the forefront of setting the national agenda in collaboration with the government of Kenya. Thematic areas the Alliance covers include: Conservation and Development, Research and Data Sharing, Wildlife Crime and Communities and Livelihoods.