1st conference Participants

The First Conference of Conservation NGOs in Kenya aimed at promoting collaboration between wildlife conservation NGOs in Kenya was held at the Enashipai Lodge and Spa, Naivasha from 26-28 January 2015. One hundred and three participants from NGOs, civil society, the government, including Kenya Wildlife Service and the donor community were in attendance.

The meeting was organized by the interim committee of conservation NGOs constituted during a breakfast meeting convened by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources on 27th November 2014. During this meeting, participants discussed the formation, registration, and institutionalization of an independent national NGO umbrella body for wildlife conservation and management in Kenya. The theme of the conference was “Together for Kenya’s Wildlife”

The proposed name ‘Kenya Conservation Alliance (KCA) was rejected by the registrar of companies. Later ‘Conservation Alliance of Kenya Ltd’ was adopted and incorporated under the Companies Act, 2015 as Company Limited by Guarantee on the 22nd December 2016. The Secretariat with staff was established in January 2020.

We act as catalysts and information exchange platform for articulating issues, advocating for proactive solutions to natural resources, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation threats and management at all levels of governance.