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Conservation Conversation - Climate Change and Wildlife Conservation

We host monthly discussions (Conservation Conversations) in the field of natural resources conservation and management. In March 2021 we are hosting discussions around the climate change environment, its impacts on natural resources and how CSO’s can mitigate impacts on ecosystems and species. We shall also explore how to harmonize existing policies and laws in place related to climate change. The participants are CSO's in the natural resources sector, academia, media and any other person interested in the topic.

Conservation Conversation - Environmental degradation from transportation infrastructure

As many nations look towards large-scale infrastructure investment as a catalyst for economic growth. Have you ever wondered what are the environmental impacts of these developments? Dr. Nyumba takes us through a research on Environmental degradation from transportation infrastructure: the case of Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway.

Public Interest Litigation Environmental Law in Kenya

Environmental Law in Kenya

Kenyan right to a clean and healthy environment

Kenya Railways Corporation and Kenya Wildlife Service press conference of Tuesday 13th September, 2016. Last remarks and question with Richard Leakey, Chairperson of KWS on the matter of irregular and unacceptable SGR railway route option through the Nairobi National Park.